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State-wide Wildlife Rescue and Emergency Service is working to rescue a pet fox terrier that fell down a deep hole abouta week ago. Check below for updates from the scene.

3pm update: Rescue operators can hear the dog whimpering, so they know they are getting close!

2.50pm update: The excavator has dug a two-metre wide by one-metre deep hole but there is stillno sign of the dog.

2.10pm update: Staff fromGroundswell Australia have arrived with an excavatorand have starteddigging a tunnel about a metre from the foxhole. The plan is to slowly dig to where the owners believe the dog is.

Earlier, Wildlife Rescue Emergency Service president Neil Morgan said heexpected the dog to be unwell when it surfaces.

“It will be dehydrated, it could have been bitten by a fox and it could also have other injuries from falling down the shaft,” he said.

Shelter Operator for the rescue service Jo Lyall said the rescue team would keep working until they retrieved the dog.

The dog’s owners called the rescue service today after struggling to find assistance to rescue the dog.

The small dog is trapped in an old mine which appears to have been dug out further by foxes.

Ms Lyall said the ran off and disappeared down the steep holewhile its owners were walking it in a patch of bush land near Bendigo.

The team is unsure whether the dog is alive or how long the rescue will take and are waiting for volunteers from a Bendigo business to bring an excavator to help dig the dog out.

Bendigo’s Phoenix Plumbing also donated time towards therescue effort today. They put a plumbing camera down the hole to try to locate the dog but were unfortunately unsuccessful.

Rescue of foxie trapped down a hole for a week captivates community.

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