The star of the film, Henry Cavill, with Russell Crowe at the Sydney premiere of Man of Steel. Photo: Ben RushtonAs Kryptonian father and son, Russell Crowe and Henry Cavill strive to protect the Earth in Man of Steel and, on Monday night, they joined director Zack Snyder on the red carpet in Sydney for the Superman reboot’s final premiere.

The blockbuster arrives on a wave of box office success but mixed critical response, with some pointing to a lack of humour in the comic book adaptation.

”The irony of the movie is that it’s not ironic,” Snyder said. ”That’s fun for me. I can’t make a movie that is without self-awareness in some way. I think it’s fitting that the most realistic movie I’ve made is about Superman.”

A lack of irony may seem stereotypically American in Australia but Snyder feels that Superman is just as ingrained in Australian society, having become ”a transcendent international figure”.

Which is lucky, as Snyder cast an Australian father, Crowe, to a British man of steel – Cavill hails from Jersey and plays a character who traditionally represents truth, justice and the American way.

”Russell Crowe, I think he can play any part,” Snyder said. ”He can play George Washington if he wanted to and I don’t think anyone would have a problem with it … They’re basically playing two aliens anyway.”

The director hinted that we can expect another big name actor in the Superman sequel that he has already signed on for, alongside writer David Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan.

Though Lex Luthor doesn’t make an appearance in Man of Steel, his corporation Lexcorp is referenced and Snyder spoke to his casting notes for any Luthor.

“Suffice it to say if we were able to make another movie and – another big if – if Lex is in that film, I think really you’d want to use the pedigree that we’ve established as far as how the movie would be cast.

”I think you need an actor that would be able to personify this iconographic role in the same way that Russell and Kevin and Amy have done in the movie we’ve just made. That’s the criterion. That’s the pedigree you would look for.”

Snyder also hopes Man of Steel is a big step towards a Justice League movie, the DC Comics equivalent to Marvel’s The Avengers.

“Without Superman you can’t have a Justice League movie. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s like you’re missing one of your big teeth, if you don’t have a superman character that works,” he said.

”I think we’re taking steps towards doing that … It would be fun.”

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