Unions NSW has welcomed a decision by the Industrial Relations Commission to stop the government absorbing public sector workers’ superannuation increases into their basic wages.

Unions NSW and public sector unions made a joint application to the Commission to ensure public sector workers would receive a quarter per cent superannuation increase in addition to a pay rise.

The Commission ruled in favour of the application on Wednesday afternoon. Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said the ruling was a “victory for public sector workers’’.

‘‘Though it’s a battle we should not have been forced to fight,” he said.

“The government’s public sector wage cap of 2.5 per cent is already stringent without being further eroded by superannuation increases.

“Thankfully, today’s decision recognises that as superannuation shifts to 12 per cent, it should not be at the expense of wages.”

Mr Lennon called on Treasurer Mike Baird to respect the spirit of the decision and refrain from cutting jobs to pay for the superannuation entitlement.

“Decent superannuation should not come at the expense of the very jobs that keep our State functioning,” Mr Lennon said.

“The NSW Government has already committed to cutting $19 billion from the budget over six years. Public sector workers are already struggling to deliver the services the community needs thanks to the cuts that have already happened.”

The NSW Opposition spokesman for industrial relations, Adam Searle, said the superannuation matter should not have been one for the courts.

“In a mean and tricky manoeuvre, the Government tried to dip its hand into the pockets of every public servant in the State,’’ he said.

‘‘Now, they have been slapped in the face by the Industrial Relations Commission.

“This should never have been a matter for the courts in the first place. Superannuation is a basic condition that should have never been used to try and offset the guaranteed 2.5 per cent wage increase public sector workers were promised.”

Mr Baird, who is also the Minister for Industrial Relations, said the IRC’s decision confirmed superannuation is an employee-related cost.

‘‘It is therefore within the 2.5% wages policy,’’ he said.

‘‘The IRC has suggested ways the regulation can be clarified, in order to remove any ambiguity and to ensure the clear intention of the wages policy is delivered. The Government is considering options to progress this.”

The original release of this article first appeared on the website of Hangzhou Night Net.

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