The Brisbane Lions have made it clear they are adamantly opposed to Melbourne receiving a priority pick at this year’s draft, with coach Michael Voss describing such a move as ”disturbing”.

Voss said that sides such including the Lions, Western Bulldogs and Port Adelaide had all suffered through years of compromised drafts without assistance to facilitate the entry of Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney to the competition.

”I find it disturbing, to be brutally honest,” Voss said. ” We’ve just come out of the greatest compromised draft in the last two or three years. Teams that have been struggling through that point in time have received no leg-up whatsoever.

”All of a sudden we find out the back end of that compromised draft that apparently priority picks are now back on the table, so if that is the case then I think quite rightly our football club should be asking the same question, as well as probably Port and the Western Bulldogs and a few other teams.”

AFL deputy chief executive Gillon McLachlan said last Sunday that there was a ”strong argument” for the Demons to receive a priority draft selection.

”I think [it’s] inappropriate and doesn’t recognise, perhaps, the current landscape of where AFL football’s at,” Voss said. ”We’ve been forced to go and find our edge through other means, and try to develop our players.”

Former Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett, speaking at the launch of the E.J. Whitten legends match, said the AFL was not following proper governance practices in how it was working to rebuild the struggling Demons.

”The AFL has proposed to provide even more money to Melbourne, which is on top of the money they have already provided to them this season,” he said.

”But the AFL and the Demons new CEO Peter Jackson, who was appointed by the AFL, will select the board.

”Now for all of you in business, that connect breaches every form of good governance you could ever imagine: the CEO never appoints the board, it’s fundamental that first the board selects the CEO and then they work together to develop the strategy to build the business and the organisation.

”My worry is that the AFL is going to appoint people who are sycophants or that they are comfortable with and this will therefore make the genuine task of rebuilding the Melbourne Football Club even tougher.”

Kennett also urged the Demons to find a permanent home base for the club, a problem that he said left them with ”no soul, no winning culture and in a very difficult financial position”.

The E.J. Whitten legends game is at Etihad Stadium on July 10.

The original release of this article first appeared on the website of Hangzhou Night Net.

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